A new kind of aviation program

An Organisation Committed to Making Real Change

Our goal is to facilitate sessions, conferences, mentoring and real flight training that at the end will give Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people and Women a platform to enter and excel in the Aviation industry / become commercial airline pilots

The Programme

We offer a programme which is split into four parts

Career Conversations

This will be facilitated through seminar style sessions where through our staff and partners in industry we will have open and targeted conversations designed to provide real insight and the knowledge needed to enter the industry.

Career Mentoring

Selected individuals from the programme will be given the opportunity to receive mentoring from those in the role they seek / organizations involved in the programme. This will involve development of essential skills, mock interview sessions, ‘a day in the life’ and on-going email support.


Select students on the programme will offered the opportunity to add a Pilots Licence to their career portfolio as part of this programme. This will run as an additional credit course and will add ‘with Pilot Studies’ to their degree.

Annual Conference

These conferences will bring together Pilots, Industry Leaders, Government officials and Educational Leaders to discuss the industry as a whole. It will include the elements of the career conversations but will expand and talk about industry wide successes, problems and further development opportunities.

Making real opportunities

Fantasy Wings was created to provide real pilot studies with real pilots licenses as the end result, real career development, real networking opportunities and real industry leading personal development for the benefit of BAME groups and women wanting to get into the Airline Pilot / Aviation Industry. Those are the two most underrepresented group but not for long


Who is the programme


Our university programme focuses on core skills development, networking and providing students with the tools needed to become competent and successful in the airline pilot industry. It also includes real pilot training as an add on which ensures students leave university with both a degree and a pilot’s licence. Students do not have to be on an Aviation/Aerospace course to benefit from this.


Our college programme will further introduce the pathways available to the aviation industry and start the process of creating real life connections and skillsets for the airline pilot / aviation industry.

Secondary schools
(Year 9 - 11)

Our secondary school programme introduces the world of aviation in an exciting and engaging way to get students excited about the prospects of a career as an airline pilot / in the aviation industry.

How our Programme
Benefits it's Students

First Hand Knowledge

Students will have the opportunity to hear from real pilots who have undergone training and development and are now successful in their respective areas. This first hand interaction not only provides knowledge, it also provides a real networking opportunity.

Real Opportunities

Students will be part of a rare opportunity created specifically to ensure they have the same equal opportunities to thrive and succeed as future pilots / aviation experts.

Real Pilot Training

Students that are part of the programme with this add on will undertake training for something that will not only enhance their lives but put them ahead in their journey to become an Airline Pilot. It is also a great addition to their Degree which can be evidenced when going for other opportunities in life.

Contact Us

If you have a question about Fantasy Wings, its work and programmes or would like to request further information please get in touch. 

Contact Us

If you have a question about Fantasy Wings, its work and programmes or would like to request further information please get in touch. 

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