Our Programme, Built for You

Our programme is built around each organisations individual requirements and can be custom built to fit the needs of your organisation

How does the programme work?

Our programme is available to run in Educational Institutions, Industry partner locations and conference centre facilities. It’s open to enrol any student between the ages of 13-25, with spaces allocated firstly to people from a BAME background, women, or those from a disadvantaged background. 

We design and deliver programmes that…

Grow career awareness

Learn about the career paths that are available in aviation, suitable for different educational background and skillsets.

Teach practical knowledge

Gain useful, inside knowledge through in-depth workshops working with pilot’s from leading airlines and aviation experts.

Provides a real mentor

We partner students with a real mentor, tailored to meet each students individual needs.

Offer real workplace experiences

In some packages we offer the opportunity for students to to gain real life experience shadowing roles in the industry.

Prepares students for interviews

We work closely with our students to develop confidence and essential skills for future interviews in the aviation industry.

Support students long term

Specialised development plan, tailored to each student to launch them into an appropriate path in the aviation industry

Grow's students connections

By providing well connected workshops, networking events and annual conferences, students have plenty of opportunities to rub shoulders with some of the biggest names in the aviation industry.

Lead to a Credited Pilots License

In our ‘With Pilot License’ package , selected students will have the opportunity to work towards the Credited Private Pilots License with additional programmes.

Career Conversations

This will be facilitated through seminar style sessions. We are working with Major Airlines and leading Aviation Organisations

Through this partnership, real pilots, real engineers and real aviation leaders will deliver targeted sessions aimed at giving those on the programme real insight and knowledge on the industry. This will include:

  • Tips on how to become a pilot
  • The progression route of an airline pilot
  • The progression route of an aviation engineer
  • The progression route of an aviation leader
  • Industry secrets and Training Advice
  • Career lifestyles (i.e. the lifestyle of a pilot)

Career Mentoring​

Selected individuals from the programme will be given the opportunity to receive mentoring from those in the role they seek / organisations involved in the programme. This will involve: 

  • Development of essential skills
  • Simulated mock interview scenarios with constructive feedback
  • ‘A day in the life' where individuals will be able to spend a day/week in industry shadowing various roles and getting a feel of the aviation industry working life (Subject to availability)
  • On-going email support with allocated mentor for career development questions

Pilot Training​

Through our relationships with various flight training organisations students will undergo real pilot training and ground school study towards their private pilots’ licence. This will run as an additional credit course and will add ‘with Pilot Studies’ to their degree or it will run as an extra-curricular activity arranged at convenient times in the week / weekend

  • All groups will be allocated a ground school teacher who will take them through the ground school syllabus and prepare them for their ground school exams
  • All group members will have a flight instructor who will train / prepare them to get their Private Pilot’s Licence.

Annual Conference

These conferences will bring together Pilots, Industry Leaders, Government officials and Educational Leaders to discuss the industry as a whole.

  • Including elements of Career Conversations
  • Discussions about industry wide successes, problems, further development opportunities
  • Information about future pilot programmes coming up
  • Mentors will be there to facilitate sessions
  • Fully catered event!
  • A number of spaces allocated to all Institutions signed up

Our programmes are designed to
fit our core values by:

Creating a motivating environment

Creating an environment where students can be energised and motivated about professional topics through meeting and working alongside like minding people

personal growth

Giving students space and opportunities to gain new self confidence and belief in themselves enabling them to excel to the best of their abilities.

Ensuring every
student is equal

Ensuring that each student feels safe, welcome and important in the Fantasy Wings Programme regardless of their individual background or experiences in life.

Contact Us

If you have a question about Fantasy Wings, its work and programmes or would like to request further information please get in touch. 

Contact Us

If you have a question about Fantasy Wings, its work and programmes or would like to request further information please get in touch. 

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