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An Organisation Committed to Making Real Change

Fantasy Wings was founded by Jackson in 2019 following the success of the Fantasy Mentoring programme. As a 27 year old Black man who battled adversity on his route to gain his own Pilot’s License and degree in Aviation, he was determined to start this organisation to make it easier for BAME young people and women to gain the same opportunities he fought to get.

Taking a closer look

A Breakdown of the Industry

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How the Fantasy Enterprise was Born

In 2015 Fantasy Mentoring launched to help young people excel through school and in life. Opportunities were provided that they previously would never have had access to and community relations around the UK were built and maintained.


After a series of workshops were held and the taste of Aviation was introduced to our students, we decided we wanted to take it one step further and create a specialised programme designed to push young people towards more ambitious careers through real opportunity.



Growing up in Birmingham, living in a society where BAME youth face daily challenges and a lack of ambitious career prospects, Jackson aspired to create a programme designed to be relatable and understanding of the challenge faced by BME youth today with the aim of introducing real solutions.

Jackson is an Aviation Graduate and in 2015 graduated from University with his Pilot’s License and his Degree. In the past few years, he has been able to inspire and mentor youth from all different backgrounds by sharing his story and making the impossible seem attainable.

The Birth of Fantasy Wings

Our new programme has a core focus on real life experiences, skills development and networking opportunities that will allow our students to excel in the Airline Pilot / Aviation Industry

The Solution

Determined to make the airline pilot / aviation industry an exciting, fresh and diverse industry, Fantasy Wings was launched to provide real opportunity and real development.

Our Goals

The course is designed to not only be educational and stimulating, but also to equip students with the necessarily tools to excel in the industry to be able to land their first time real life role. 

How our Programme
Benefits it's Students

First Hand Knowledge

Students will have the opportunity to hear from real pilots who have undergone training and development and are now successful in their respective areas. This first hand interaction not only provides knowledge, it also provides a real networking opportunity.

Real Opportunities

Students will be part of a rare opportunity created specifically to ensure they have the same equal opportunities to thrive and succeed as future pilots / aviation experts.

Real Pilot Training

All participants of the programme have the opportunity to win full sponsorship of their Private Pilots License – 45 hour course.

Aimed at building careers rather than jobs, our team and partners have been specially hand-picked to create a fulfilling and lasting experience for BAME students and women, with our support ongoing even once the programme has finished

Our Team

Our team are a collective of individuals who are specialists in working with BAME youth and those from a disadvantaged background, to make sure every student feels important during the programme.

Our Partner's

We work with a range of aviation organisations to ensure our programmes contain only the most relevant and up to date content for the industry today.

Working Side by Side with the Industry to Make Real Change

We believe in equal opportunities for all, and truly believe that a diverse workplace makes a great impact on both business and social development. Together, we have a mission to disrupt the aviation industry and make a dent that changes the face and perception of the Airline Pilot / Aviation industry.


Contact Us

If you have a question about Fantasy Wings, its work and programmes or would like to request further information please get in touch. 

Want to register your interest?

Would you like to register your interest for our 21/22 programme? Register your interest to sign up.

Want to register your interest?

Would you like to register your interest for our 21/22 programme? Register your interest to sign up.